"Astana Opera” Classical Theatre of Opera and Ballet



    Astana- Kazakhstan




    Opera house

    IKazakhstan’s youthful, dynamic capital had this theatre for opera and ballet built in the Italian style in the tradition of the opera Florence. As the third-largest opera house in the world and the largest in Central Asia, Astana Opera sees itself as continuing in the grand tradition of the world’s greatest venues. Its top-class stage systems therefore comply with the utmost in international standards and are perfectly set up to satisfy the demands of their own repertory productions as well as of international guest performances.

    The contract included the entire stage machinery, consisting of a rigging system with over 170 fly bars and point hoists, stage portal and fire curtain as well as 3 acoustic doors. The understage machinery with 4 double deck main stage elevators, each with an area of 81 m², 21 equalizer lifts, 9 stage wagons, a revolve wagon (Ø 17 m), a ballet wagon (18 x18 m), 3 orchestra elevators and a scenery lift for 10 t payload.

    SBS’s control system COSTACOwin®  is used to control the entire stage machinery with 187 axes in the overstage and 89 axes in the understage.

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