Mariinsky Theater - St. Petersburg



    St. Petersburg - Russland





    The newly constructed Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg contains one of the largest connected stages in the world. The stage machinery comprises of multiple areas: overstage and understage machinery main stage, the proscenium, overstage machinery rear stage, overstage machinery rehearsal stage, a comprehensive wagon system with associated compensating elevators and associated control COSTACOwin® for all systems mentioned. Special features of the system are: the number of point hoists in the main stage 48 machines (permanently installed) with flexible selection of cable exits through a system of moving beams, the 95 flying bars, the 4 double-deck elevators of 16 x 4 m with wire rope drive, the 43 compensating elevators as well as the wagon system (16 passive wagons, moveable in two directions, each 16 x 4 m, with drives integrated in the floor – a total of 130).


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