Frankfurt Alte Oper



    Frankfurt - Deutschland




    Concert House

    The Old Opera in Frankfurt/Main was almost completely destroyed in World War II, but re-erected in the 1970’s. The historical building shell was restored to its original condition. Inside the building, the large hall with its 2,500 seats was adapted to the needs of that time. It was converted into a concert hall to allow more versatile usage. In January 2013 SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH was commissioned to replace the entire understage machinery of the large hall. The old, hydraulically driven elevators were removed and replaced with new elevators that consist mainly of rigid and low-vibration scissor constructions with spiral-strip type linear actuators and electromechanical drives. All elevators underwent factory trial and commissioning cycles at SBS. It was thus possible to achieve very short assembly times at Alte Oper Frankfurt. The elevator rows were easily integrated into the new COSTACOwin® stage control system, which was also installed by SBS. The customer benefited from a well-planned understage machinery that was handed over on time and to the customer‘s full satisfaction. In the years after, the overstage machinery was renewed, other stage equipment was added, and all machinery were integrated into the control system step by step until 2018.


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