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    申培尔歌剧院和SBS - 强有力的合作伙 伴关系

    At the end of January 2017, SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH was commissioned to renovate the entire computer control system at the Semper Opera House. This began with the overstage equipment, in the summer of 2017, with the understage equipment following in 2018. The fact that SBS was recommissioned shows the high quality of the COSTACOwin computer control system. And one more thing: decades ago, the Semper Opera House was the place where SBS and TU Dresden launched SBS's own control technology. And thus it comes full circle.
    As a Dresden-based company, SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH has always been particularly committed to equipping the Semper Opera House with first-class stage technology and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

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