Bern Theatre

Exterior of Bern Theatre I © Philipp Zenker

Project duration

2015 - 2016


Bern, Switzerland




Stage machinery, control system, customer service

Bern Theatre (Stadttheater Bern) was built in 1903 as a venue for opera, theatre plays and ballet. Since 2012, Bern Theatre has been part of a new institution called “Konzert Theater Bern”, which includes the Bern Symphony Orchestra in addition to the traditional Stadttheater. In this form, it is a unique model for Switzerland, now combining four artistic disciplines

Alongside extensive refurbishment work on the interior, all lighting, audio and video equipment and stage machinery were brought up to date. In January 2015, SBS Bühnentechnik was awarded the contract to overhaul and replace the stage machinery. At the same time, the theatre was equipped with the latest COSTACOwin® control system for the 124 individual drives of the stage machinery.

The renovation work was carried out during two extended summer breaks. The 2015 construction phase focused on the understage machinery and associated controls. Dismantling work started in April 2015, and performances were able to resume as early as  18 September 2015. The overstage machinery was overhauled the year after, from March to October 2016.

Laying the wooden flooring on the main stage and auditorium I © Philipp Zenker
Stage elevators I © Philipp Zenker
Overhead lighting system with fly bars I © Philipp Zenker
Trap elevator I © Philipp Zenker
Technical portal with fly tower and portal bridge I © Philipp Zenker
Assembly of secondary stage elevators I © Philipp Zenker
Grid deck I © Philipp Zenker
Decentralised switchgear I © Philipp Zenker
View of the backstage area I © Philipp Zenker


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