Deutsche Oper Berlin

Exterior of the Deutschen Oper Berlin I © Leo Seidel

Project duration



Berlin, Germany




Stage machinery, control system, customer service

After SBS won the contract to upgrade the overstage machinery in May 2013, the work was realised in 2013 and 2014. Initially, the machinery of both side stages and the main backstage engines were overhauled. The main stage then followed in 2014, involving 60 mechanical hoists each with a payload of 750 kg, 20 point hoists with a payload of 500 kg and 4 heavy-duty point hoists with a payload of 2,000 kg. A total of 200 tonnes of steel was dismantled and around 500 tonnes of new material fitted. The wind and thunder machines were also replaced or upgraded and, together with the other 183 drive shafts, integrated into the COSTACOwin stage controls.

In November 2014, the renovation of the overstage machinery was completed and handed over to a satisfied customer.

Main curtain with scissor pull I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Light frames I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Assembly of motorised hoists I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Installation of wooden flooring on turntable wagon I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Top light I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Frame for heavy load point hoist during assembly I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Double load bars, view from gallery I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Point hoist system with trolley and crossbar I © SBS Bühnentechnik
C-Channel-Grid I © SBS Bühnentechnik


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