Konzerthaus Berlin

Exterior of the I © Felix Löchner / Sichtkreis

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Berlin, Germany


Concert hall


Stage machinery, customer service

The podium system in the Great Hall of the Konzerthaus Berlin successfully combines a large number of elevators in a very confined space. This offers differently sized orchestras and concert performances an inexhaustible number of layout options or even a completely level floor. New drive technologies mean that all podiums can be lowered to the level of the auditorium floor without parts protruding into the level below. All single or double-deck elevators including drives, scissor legs, blinds, cabling and junction boxes take up a minimum installation height of only 51 cm. A complicating factor for the project planning of the new system was the need to retain five existing support beams, which protrude some way into the limited free space. To achieve greater variability, the number of individual podiums in the area in question was increased from 18 to 35.

Despite an extremely tight schedule and a project duration of only eight months, the complete stage machinery was handed over on the agreed deadline. The official reopening celebrations were held on 10 October 2014.

Construction work on the stage elevators | © SBS Bühnentechnik
Assembly of the stage flooring | © SBS Bühnentechnik
Overview of the podium system during assembly | © SBS Bühnentechnik
Spiralift elevators | © SBS Bühnentechnik
View of the stage (Great Hall) | © Sebastian Runge
Enjoy a time-lapse video of the stage construction in the Great Hall: 3 months in 3 minutes.

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“Hinterland”, manual counter hoists and freight elevator – it all gets a bit technical with this look behind the scenes in the Small Hall.

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