Stage machinery

We develop and build the optimal stage machinery for all your needs.

Customised stage machinery that meets all your requirements.

Our standard assemblies of overstage and understage machinery can be perfectly adapted to your project, whether for a theatre, opera house or concert hall. We also have the right solutions for congress and arts centres as well as multi-purpose venues at home and abroad.

We will design and erect hall conversion systems, room enclosures and safety-related equipment for your venue. Moreover, our services also include dedicated transport and storage technologies. All of this enables us to meet every wish and to find tailor-made solutions for your various needs.


We offer bespoke solutions.

Overstage machinery

Indispensable for theatres and opera houses, overstage equipment includes fly bars for moving large set elements or various types of point hoists for individual loads. Today’s modern equipment and control systems are motorised, largely replacing the traditional manual hoists. 

Our range of overstage equipment includes: 

  • Vertical or horizontal bar hoists
  • Manual counter hoists
  • Tubular-shaft hoists
  • Point hoists
  • Portal bridges
  • Sheave grid
  • Curtain drawing equipment
  • Lighting bar hoists
  • Flying systems
  • Manual winch systems
  • Point hoists
  • Portal towers
  • Grid decks
  • Galleries
  • Lighting bridges
  • Overhead lighting bar hoists
  • Cycloramas

Understage machinery

Exploit the possibilities of our understage machinery. Regardless of the size of a space, the various options for transforming the stage surface are hugely important for modern productions in the world’s top theatres and opera houses. 

Our range of understage equipment includes: 

  • Hall elevators
  • Turntable wagons
  • Revolving stages
  • Stage elevators
  • Transport elevators
  • Pusher devices
  • Compensating elevators
  • Stage wagons
  • Turntables
  • Cylindrical revolving stages
  • Orchestral pit elevators
  • Trap elevators
  • Motor-driven conductor’s rostrum

Hall transformation systems

Event halls with multifunctional technical possibilities are becoming ever more popular. Hall operators and event organisers expect that a wide variety of events can be run to a tight schedule and with minimum staffing requirements.

There are a vast range of possibilities and demands on hall spaces from level to rising floors, depending on whether the event is a congress, a trade fair, a banquet or indeed a theatre or concert performance. A hall conversion system can meet these requirements, even for more specialised needs such as smaller spaces or when integrated air-conditioning technology is required.

Our hall conversion systems include:

  • Rotating floors
  • Sliding gates
  • Motorised partition walls
  • Lifting gates
  • Lifting handrails
  • Ceilings

Safety systems

A core element of stage machinery is the right safety equipment to project against fire such as iron curtains and smoke extraction systems. Here the right design is essential to ensure reliable operation.

Our safety systems and fire protection equipment:

  • Iron curtains
  • Smoke flaps
  • Smoke hoods
  • Protective curtains
  • Fire-resistant gates
  • Smoke shutters
  • Fireproof curtains

Transport and storage systems

With the right transport and storage technology, parts of the scenery as well as entire stage sets that are currently idle can be kept in the side stage areas during the performance or stored in or outside the venue for longer periods. This helps save space and time!

Our transport and storage systems:

  • Set elevators
  • Scenery storage systems
  • Paternoster systems
  • Scenery elevators
  • Transport elevators


We are your partner for all questions regarding stage technology: SBS Bühnentechnik offers a complete package of engineering services in the field of stage technology as well as comprehensive customer service to ensure the smooth operation of our systems.

Our services include:

  • Professional inspections (Sachkundigenprüfung)
  • Expert reports
  • Repairs
  • Independent expert assessment (Sachverständigenprüfung)
  • Maintenance
  • Design calculations


These venues all rely on our technology.

Deutsche Oper Berlin

In 2013, SBS won the contract to upgrade the overstage machinery at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The wind and thunder machines were also overhauled and integrated into the stage controls.
more details

Hanoi National Convention Centre

The National Convention Centre is Vietnam’s largest new cultural building constructed since the war. SBS supplied the entire stage and auditorium transformation technology as well as the computer control system.
more details

Astana Opera - Staatliches Opern- und Balletttheater

The State Opera and Ballet Theatre is the third largest in the world. Accordingly, the stage technology is of the highest international standard and leaves nothing to be desired.
more details

National Theatre and Concert Hall Taipei

In 2015, SBS won the international tender for the extensive refurbishment of the Taipei National Theatre. The entire project was completed in just eight months.
more details

Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden

Kraftwerk Mitte is a new centre for culture and creativity. SBS installed all the stage machinery required by the Dresden State Operetta and the tjg. theatre junge generation.
more details

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Immerse yourself in the world of stage technology and discover our numerous customised solutions. Our reference projects will give you a great overview of our work.
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