Mariinsky II

Exterior of the Mariinsky II in St. Petersburg I © Diamond Schmitt Architects

Project duration

2010 - 2013


St. Petersburg, Russia




Stage machinery, control system, customer service

The newly constructed Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg contains one of the largest contiguous stages in the world.

The stage machinery comprises multiple elements: overstage and understage machinery of the main stage, the proscenium, overstage machinery of the rear stage, overstage machinery of the rehearsal stage, a comprehensive wagon system with associated compensating elevators and the COSTACOwin® control system to manage all equipment.

Special features of the system are: the number of point hoists in the main stage – 48 machines (permanently installed) with flexible selection of cable exits through a system of moving beams, the 95 fly bars, the four double-deck elevators of 16 x 4 m with wire rope drive, the 43 compensating elevators as well as the wagon system (16 passive wagons, moveable in two directions, each 16 x 4 m, with a total of 130 drives integrated in the floor).

Panoramic view of the historic Mariinsky Theatre and the new Mariinsky II | © Diamond Schmitt Architects
Overstage machinery I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Wire rope drive for the double-deck elevator I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Scenery storeroom I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Sunken double-deck podium I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Stage dividers I © SBS Bühnentechnik
View from the auditorium I © Diamond Schmitt Architects
Fly loft I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Point hoists I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Vertical drum winches for the overstage machinery | © SBS Bühnentechnik
System to store scenery | © SBS Bühnentechnik
Double-deck podium I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Stage wagon system with lighting bridge I © SBS Bühnentechnik
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You can get an insight into the stage technology from 4:01 minutes.


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